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Are you planning a medical procedure or course of treatment in Medical skin clinic but live in another country?

Your family member or relatives are international citizens who want to come to Saint Petersburg for treatment?

Medical skin clinic was accredited by the government to provide its services for international citizen. The clinic can set up the Medical Visa for international citizens.

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Services provided by the clinic:


Government policy

Russian Federation government policy dated 06.06.2020 states that foreign citizens are allowed the entry to the country for treatment reasons. They must provide prove of the treatment invitation set up by the medical company.

Invitation set up deadline

  • Up to one month for country outside of EU
  • Up to one week for countries in the EU




  1. First online consultation, treatment review and treatment schedule set up – 10,000 rubles
  2. Mandatory condition: treatment down payment prior to invitation set up – 35,000 rubles
45,000 rubles



Possibility for vacation in Saint Petersburg

Based on the government policy, foreign citizens can stay in Russia for 90 days regardless of the treatment timeline.

If you wish, we can meet you in the airport (train station) set up your stay in best hotels in Saint Petersburg and prepare excursion tour that will allow you to visit famous places and cultural treasures of the first Russian capital. This tour will also include city sightseeing, famous city’s boat canal tours and walk along historical streets of Saint Petersburg.

Do not miss the opportunity to spend unforgettable time in the southern capital of Russia, improve your health, become younger and rejuvenate yourself in the favorite time for every tourist that comes to the city – the White Nights!

You can contact us anytime!

While paperwork for the invitation is being processed, our clinic will be in constant communication with patients and can answer any question that you might have.

You can expect the best customer service and unmatched medical service by leading medical professionals in the city!

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